August Market Snapshot: Are We Back to a Pre-Pandemic Market?

Tuesday Sep 28th, 2021



With sales declines getting smaller and smaller each month, it appears transactions are stabilizing. While they’re at a more normal level compared to earlier this year, it’s worth noting they’re still quite active compared to any other point in history.

Monthly snapshot.

Download our August 2021 market snapshot.

Housing markets appear to be cruising somewhere in between pre-pandemic and peak-pandemic levels, with the exception of end-of-month inventories—as we saw an all-time low at the end of August. All in all, it seems the market is slowly inching back to pre-pandemic levels.

Watch our Senior Economist break down August’s numbers.

As always, we will keep you posted on the pulse of the market. Check back next month to see September’s snapshot with the most up-to-date insights!

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