How to Tastefully Add Country Décor to Your Rural Home

Wednesday Feb 24th, 2021














When most people think of the city — they think of bright lights, busy streets and modern condos. But there are also has a number of outlying areas that have a more rural countryside atmosphere. If you live in one of these areas, you’ll probably want to add a touch of country style to your home while still maintaining a modern look that’s reminiscent of city living. Here are a few ways to tastefully add some country décor to your home.

The Classic Country-Style Chair

When it comes to rural-living-inspired home decoration, there’s nothing quite as quaint and welcoming as a big country-style chair. A country chair usually has a floral or striped pattern and is designed in a classic style, with arms and a high back for extra comfort. If you can only have one piece that adds a touch of country to your décor, getting a chair like this is the way to go. This is not an element that you want to skimp on — don’t be afraid to invest in a very nice, high-quality chair that will cheer up your living room or dining room. You might also want to purchase a few “satellite” chairs or footstools with a similar pattern to place around the room.

The Country Porch

One of the most recognizable features of a “proper” country home is a cozy porch. The porch is a place where you can sit outside, have a tall, cold glass of lemonade, and enjoy nature. If you’ve got a porch, giving it a country décor makeover should be relatively simple. Start off with the paint: A couple coats of glossy white enamel paint will brighten up the front of your home and provide the perfect setting. Install pretty lattice fencing around the perimeter of the country porch for privacy. For a crowning touch, add a large rocking chair painted in a bold, colorful hue — ideal color choices include green, blue, and deep red.

Rustic Wood

When you’re decorating your home with country charm, you want that natural, bare look. As an example, you can replace your front door or patio door with a natural wood door that’s been sanded down to smooth perfection. Or you can get a wooden bed with this rustic look. Some people like the look of bare wood wall paneling in a den or bedroom to add country appeal to their homes. Knotty pine is great for achieving a rustic look.

There are a number of ways that you can add tasteful yet inspired country décor to your rural area home. Even a small change can make your home look and feel more warm and comfortable. Start with these simple ideas for making your home “a little bit country” — you may even decide to go further with this theme.

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