When little things mean a lot

Friday Jan 29th, 2021



You may have heard that it's the little things that mean a lot, but did you know that it's especially true for selling houses? When you've listed your home for sale and are showing it off to potential buyers, little things can sometimes make a big difference in creating a good impression. Sometimes a ‘quick fix' of some very minor repairs, cleanup or maintenance can make the difference between receiving an offer or sending your prospective buyer on their way.

Here's a checklist of little things that help create a favourable impression:

  • Make sure your front walk and steps are swept
  • If there are oil spots on the driveway, power-wash them clean
  • Ensure that door trim and window sills are clean; if your trim is wood, be sure they're scraped, puttied and repainted as required
  • Don't let squeaky hinges turn off buyers; put that oilcan to work!
  • Check all doors and cupboards to see that they open and close without sticking and tighten up any loose screws
  • Wash the windows and your window sheers too for a bright, fresh look
  • Replace washers on any taps that may be dripping
  • Indoor house plants and your garden should be culled to remove any trace of dead or damaged foliage and kept watered
  • Put fresh caulking around tubs or showers where needed
  • Open windows to air out basements or other enclosed areas

Remember, seeing small repairs that have been left undone sends up a ‘red flag' to buyers. They may think that because the simple, surface maintenance has been left undone, there could be bigger – a more expensive – problems lurking beneath the surface. A well maintained property tells the buyer that your home has been cared for, both inside and out!

Want more ideas on how to help your home appeal to prospective buyers? Contact your local Coldwell Banker ® real estate professional and take advantage of their expert advice. You'll be glad you called us first!


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