Who Needs a ‘For Sale’ sign?

Friday Dec 11th, 2020



When the time comes to put your home on the market, you may be one of those home sellers who asks themselves, ‘So, who needs a ‘For Sale’ sign anyway?’ Well, the short answer to that question is – you do!

In these days of web surfers and online listing data bases, some vendors assume that their buyers are going to come from either professional realtors or out of cyberspace – or both. They make the mistake of thinking that a ‘For Sale’ sign on their property will do little more than get the neighbours talking. The point is -- that’s exactly what you want them to do! Word of mouth is a powerful force that could be instrumental in finding the right buyer for your home. After all, if people in the area are talking about your listing, they’re spreading the word to a broader audience. Think about it – these people are already familiar with the area and presumably they’re already sold on the neighbourhood because they chose it for themselves. When they see your home up for sale, they may be passing the word to friends or other family members who have expressed an interest in living nearby. These targeted prospects are interested in living in a very specific area, with only a precious few properties for sale, including yours! If you’re successful in getting an offer from just such a buyer, they will be far more motivated to bring that offer to a successful conclusion than someone who can choose from a number of similar listings throughout the city.

A recent study by the National Association of Realtors, an international real estate organization based in the U.S., reported that 68% of buyers ranked neighbourhood quality as the most important factor influencing the location of their home purchase. What’s more, the typical buyer chooses a home within 12 miles of their previous residence. These are the same people who are driving past your house every day!

Perhaps you don’t want a sign on your property because you don’t want to upset neighbours who will be sad to see you go. The fact is, the vast majority of homes that go up for sale, ultimately do sell. Your neighbours will be finding out about it soon anyway when they see cars coming and going from your driveway all day, so why not let them get used to the idea and perhaps help bring you a buyer too? By alerting them now, you’re at least giving them a chance to tell their friends. Who knows, they may have an opportunity to choose their next neighbour!

Lastly, don’t forget that a ‘For Sale’ sign also discourages other people in your area who may be thinking of selling from putting their home up for sale while yours is still on the market. Less competition will increase your chances of success. Despite the rising role of technology in selling a home, the ‘For Sale’ sign remains an important element in an effective marketing mix. Your Coldwell Banker professional will utilize many different tactics to market your property and any one of them could the source of your buyer – so say ‘yes’ to that sign!

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