Why wait for Spring? List now!

Wednesday Oct 28th, 2020


Looking back on historical patterns, the majority of Canadian home sellers have a tendency to list their homes during the very active Spring or Fall markets. Due to this trend, listings in past years have generally tended to taper off as the busy year-end and holiday season approaches. But is waiting really the best selling strategy for your home?

If you're considering selling, you may find that it's really in your best interest to list your home now, rather than waiting until sometime in the new year. Here are a few reasons why you may want to act now: If the overall inventory of homes for sale decreases toward year-end, you'll be competing against fewer other homes to attract and win buyers.

  • As fewer and fewer new listings come on the market, your home will attract a lot more attention and increase your chance of a viewing.
  • Today's low mortgage rates will help make your home more affordable to potential buyers. As interest rates increase in the future, more and more home buyers – especially first time buyers -- will drop out of the market.
  • If you'd prefer to move in the Spring, you can still list now and specify a long closing period. This will give potential buyers ample time to arrange for their down payment and closing costs.
  • If your home is already sold when you start to look for your next home, it puts you in a much stronger negotiating position. You'll know exactly what you're getting for your current home and you won't have to make your offer to purchase conditional upon the sale of your existing property.

These are just a few of the reasons why it may be to your best advantage to list your home sooner rather than later. There are many more aspects to consider, and your Coldwell Banker real estate professional will be only too happy to discuss your needs and advise you. Why not call and get the benefit of some expert advice? There's no cost or obligation to you, and it may just be the most important phone call you'll ever make!

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